About 80% of the rural communities in Ghana do not have access to electricity , ICT and basic accessories for learning. Despite the obvious connection between electricity, ICT and educational achievement, major steps have to be taken to provide a cheaper source of energy and ICT for educational purposes. Such an absence of focus is detrimental because, as another study put it, “education is also widely recognized as one of the most essential components for poverty reduction.”  Lack of electricity and the absence of ICT at primary and secondary schools, therefore, creates considerable obstacles towards escaping poverty and correlates with many factors that contribute directly towards it. 

Our project is designed to help schoolchildren in rural Ghana to receive solar energy system that will provide electricity for lighting, which will enable classes to be taught early in the morning or late at night. Electricity access will facilitate the introduction of ICTs into the classroom such as computers. We also hope to seek assistance and funding to provide technical assistance for solar lights to these needy schoolchildren. However, The SEED Project is not in the position to finance such a project. This is because of the low financial capacity of our organization, and our inability to raise substantial funding for rural development interventions locally.

The project will reach out to schoolchildren in rural areas all over Ghana. We intend targeting all schools lacking electricity for this intervention.


We can ascertain at least five positive benefits related to the electrification of schools: 

(1) lighting and extended studying hours, 

(2) facilitation of ICT in the classroom, 

(3) enhanced staff retention and teacher training, 

(4) better school performance based on attendance, completion rates, and Energy and Education  test scores, and

(5) co-benefits such as improved sanitation and health, gender empowerment, and community resilience.

Gender empowerment and Resilience of Women 

We are also a gender-based organization; we work towards Gender empowerment and Resilience of Women and especially Widows within the northern savannah ecological zone of Ghana. 
We are engaged in the mobilization of young women and widows in the above mentioned zones as part of the strategy to reach out to re-orient them into engagements that are beneficial to them and their families and their communities as a whole.
Our goals and objectives are to mobilize young women and widows, empower them and increase their resilience through moral support, helping to build their capacities on how to develop themselves. 
Our vision is to become effective, efficient self-sustaining and focused-based organization, which formulates gender-based strategies to make young women and widows economically active through various initiatives. 

Our Services

The mission of our Non-Governmental Organization is to help the many rural schools in Ghana with solar energy as a source of cheap electricity, computers and school accesories for learning. We urgently need computers, solar energy installations and basic accessories for our rural schools in Ghana. In this era of technology, every child deserves to have electricity access and computers which can play a significant role in improving learning outcomes at schools, develop IT skills, build a career in IT and boost their creativity for new inventions. 

Our goals and objectives are also to mobilize young women and widows, empower them and increase their resilience through moral support, helping to build their capacities on how to develop themselves. 

Work with us

We'd love to hear from you! Get in touch and let’s talk about how you can help our project.  We urgently need computers and solar energy installations for our rural schools in Ghana. Join us on our quest with our friends to stock the rural schools with computers by donating a used desktop or laptop to build mini ICT labs in the Ghana rural schools and communities!!